How to Pitch Your Film Projects to Studios, Investors & Producers with Suzanne Lyons. I'm going to show you precisely what you need to do, step by step, to get your film financed, and into production. Nathan Gold 178,575 views. Although people will normally want to see that you have a sound business plan, remember … 2. If there exists a one stop shop for a business plan and crash course in film finance this is probably it. If your pitching materials look dull, crude and uninspiring, investors will assume your movie will too. Do you know the best ways to pitch to a left-brain person vs. a right-brain one? The bargain of my career! They connect with the head. The majority of pitches … Ask for references: learning how experienced the team is and some of their track record can help you when it comes to determining how secure your investment is. I've made short films before, but this is my first feature, and the first film I've tried raising money for. + Indie Film Pitch Deck Template The Success Formula. A ... Crowdfunding: To crowdfund a film, the production team will publish their pitch, trailer, and/or cast list and ask members of the general public to submit individual donations to help the team reach its goal. This means that you should stop using words like … . FilmProposals is here to teach you what you need to know to get your film financed quickly. A Private Placement Memorandum, or PPM, is one way to make sure you are giving investors accurate information about the film you are producing. HOLD A KILLER SALES PRESENTATION. Regular Price $137, Save $38. The pitch is what first reels in an investor; it’s what you give at a party or at a bar or while standing in line at the grocery store. value here is the market data - I'd pay 100$ for that alone. In this article you get steps on how to conduct a meeting. I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? I was also inspired by how much information is out there to facilitate first-time film making, and how much FilmProposals is on top of this information. Just want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. Believe me, first impressions really do count. How To Pitch To Investors In Under 2 Minutes - Duration: 26:51. For a film or media project, instead use the name of the project, the name of your production company, and the onesheet for your project. Pitching to investors can be tough, so it’s important to nail your presentation. Click To Tweet . If you do not know what the five stages are, you can acquaint yourself here. Whether you're trying to team up with a production company, approaching agents and managers to attach star actors to your project, presenting your film package directly to investors, or trying to attract the best crew possible, a professional pitch deck is a fantastic tool for attracting industry professionals. Are you ready to walk 'into the room' and pitch to a decision-maker such as an agent, financier, producer, distributor or studio executive? For example, don’t pitch a horror film to Focus Features—they do awards-worthy films. Writing a pitch is not as complicated as it seems. The formula we’re taught in Film School is generally built around a studio pitch. Pitching film investors can be a challenge if you are not prepared. Believe me, first impressions really do count. Relate to your investors how film festivals … The purpose of your pitch deck is to communicate the vision of your documentary—the ideas you’ll share in it and why they are important to your viewers. For this article, I spoke with filmmaker Naomi McDougall Jones. Back to Top of How to Pitch to Film Investors, Film Financing Bundles - All the Templates + Professional Services & Legal Options for the Serious Filmmaker, Full Gold Toolkit You've prepared for and found film investors. Do prepare for the five stages of the meeting. There are 5 Do's and 5 Don'ts: 1. In this article you get steps on how to conduct a meeting. This template, actually the whole package, has been invaluable and well worth the money I spent on it. When done right, your pitch deck has the power to convince investors that your project is worth funding. The Art of the Pitch. That way, you won’t suffer the fate of, “I had a great meeting, but I can’t remember his or her name….”. Telling an inspiring story won’t get you far if your idea is still floating in … Is this film going to play in movie theatres? and "What project is this most like? I can actually make my film! Do not “get down to business.” Instead, take the time to make small-talk and get to know the decision-maker first. Here are the top ten pitching tips to help you in a high-stakes situation. Here we learn practical tips, proven fundraising language, how to instill confidence in your investors, even if you've never made a film before, and exactly which industry sources to use to make an impact on film investors … Only those very serious about making their films have access to our film investor tips and tricks. She raised her entire SAG modified budget during those two meetings. business setup, corporation, partnership), the investment forecast which includes capitalization and anticipated time-table on financial returns, and the investment allocation or budget (where the money will go). + Film Budget Template Consider all of the notes you are receiving, look for patterns, and discover ways to improve your pitch, your project, or both. In many ways, this is exactly how your pitch should be set up – get them connected to the characters, introduce the problem, build up to the climax, then provide a strong closing. The Film Investor Tip Sheet includes practical and easy implementable advice to help you raise money and get your film financed: We do not want our secrets to pitching film investors getting out to everyone. Learn do’s and don’ts for an investor pitch deck as well as the most important elements it must include. 4. Business Plan Template With some films, the greatest potential is actually from … When I set out to raise money, I … Ask for Introductions. Investors are pitched by businesses constantly. They offered to invite potential investors to two different meeting to hear her film pitch. A number of small-budget films have been able to raise a … A succinct, entertaining, and informative video showcasing how your product solves the challenges your audience has is another incredibly powerful tool to add to your pitch. Convince Investors with Film Revenue Predictions, 10 ways to confidently pitch your film to investors. It is a legal document (that you can … Published in: Business, Entertainment & Humor. Creating an Elevator Pitch that Attracts Investors, Customers, and More A startup needs plenty of steady capital in order to survive and, ultimately, to thrive. Find out more about how to download our Film Investor Tip Sheet, compiled from leading industry film financiers. "Explainer videos can make your pitch significantly more effective." They exceed time limits and talk at supersonic speeds, all while going through slides faster than Larry King goes through … In addition, as I have said in previous articles, talk to people. As a filmmaker, you need to sell your big idea to sponsors, crew, and even to your future executive producer, so having film pitch deck ready is essential. I purchased Package #3 a couple of days ago, and I feel like I'm taking a crash course in film financing. If a pitch for a film is weak, there is a chance the film may not go far either. If you get a note you don’t like from a decision-maker in an initial meeting, don’t argue. I only really scratch the surface in this post, but there is so much to say. Hi Melissa! Many believe that a good idea is all it takes to get funding, … Create a solid Film Business Plan + PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) I had no idea it was feasible to get a handle on film finance myself and was really inspired to see I don't have A picture’s worth a thousand words, and a video might just be worth 10,000. Pitching your idea to a group of investors is incredibly nerve-wracking. You’ve learned how to write a screenplay.You’ve written a few Grade A spec scripts that have received ringing endorsements from script coverage services or acquaintances who work in the industry.. You’ve learned how to sell a screenplay and now, finally, the moment has arrived… A studio executive really likes your work and … Stephanie Palmer, a former MGM Pictures executive and best-selling author of Good in a Room, has been featured by NBC, ABC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Variety and many more. It's likely that the people you'll be pitching your idea to have other things to do, so you need to tell them why your film … Regular Price $802, Save $203, Film Financing Toolkits - Templates & Tools for the DIY Filmmaker, Full Silver Toolkit To learn how to successfully pitch your creative idea, following these easy tips listed below. :) ) The information is clear and easy to understand, and Melissa is very prompt in answering emails. Remember that a film pitch deck is not an ego piece and you’re trying to sell your film project, not so much the people behind it. If your pitch deck can’t cause excitement in the eyes of the beholder – whether they are talent agents, actual talent, sales agents, financiers or investors… Avoid the worst thing you can do with investors that will shred their confidence in you in a split second. The first part is knowing who you are pitching and what they are looking for." If we couldn’t raise the final money, this … Therefore, to raise funds you need extra materials which will sell the ideas and the business plan behind your project. Develop your Visual Film Proposal You really believe in the story, and now you want to pitch it to someone in Hollywood who can make it into a great movie. A comprehensive guide to planning, preparing, and tailoring your pitch to find new investors for a startup, land new customers, find a partner--in short, to turn your idea into a reality. Share what you are doing. This is perfect! The video can be as simple … Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub Investors. Back here in the real world, … A film pitch deck is a sales presentation for your visual project. If we are looking for investment, it’s a business idea. What’s in it for me, the film investor? You could offer your first investor a higher and/or different percentage of the film, ie., a straight and undiluted percentage that does not change even if the budget balloons. How to pitch a movie idea and sell your script with style. Whether it is a short film, indie movie or series, our Film Pitch Deck template is the perfect platform for communicating your ideas and help people visualize your project. When pitching to investors, it’s important to only give them the facts of your company and to let them determine if your company is worth investing in. First off, check out this video on how to find film investors: These days in Hollywood, if you don’t have a pitch deck for your screenplay or film project, you’re behind the times. film financing, film funding, financing, sugardaddy. I’ve been working … A proper investor pitch deck is generally created using Power Point (a favorite format on the part of professional investors) and it is a presentation that requires no more than four minutes to review by the targeted audience. Regular Price $802, Save $203, Full Gold Toolkit Movies that are made to appeal to smaller demographics will most likely not be a financial success, so keep this in mind. 6. The images should indicate the tone of the film you are hoping to make. Craft an exciting intro. As it turned out, the business plan WAS the hardest thing I've ever done, but with the tools in the package, it How to Pitch a Movie. You never know where or when you might make your pitch, so always be ready! Do you know one specific thing you can do for almost no money that immediately creates the Executive Producer vision in the investor's mind..and makes them want it? Present your pitch with passion. Pitching to investors can be tough, so it’s important to nail your presentation. And like startup founders, filmmakers can also use them to pitch their film projects to potential investors and distributors. Here are some basic steps to help you find investors, set the meeting to pitch to film investors and get them to commit. Here are the steps you can utilize to pitch your film project. A good script and a good pitch … to be a writer hawking scripts until I die. I'm now sending out my completed business plan/film proposal document to potential investors and the one comment I'm getting back almost immediately is that it's so well laid out and professional. Discover how to better position your independent film project for film finance success. Don't let a stellar idea go to waste. Learn do’s and don’ts for an investor pitch deck as well as the most important elements it must include. This is equivalent to saying, “Here is a list of people who have already passed.”. 15. Have you ever learn the art of pitching to film investors, producers, or studio executives? Regular Price $303, Save $124, Full Bronze Toolkit Are you using every possible tool in your arsenal to get your film financed? So you’ve got your budget, you’ve found your audience, and now it’s time to pitch. The intention, after all, is that you deliver a powerful pitch, and by the end, their hands are out asking for either your executive summary or your complete business plan. Streamlining your idea: when making a pitch for a movie, it is an added bonus to present it as an idea that will appeal to a wide variety of people. In this overview, we cover different approaches to seeking investment, and what you need to know to pitch your film to investors. How to structure your pitch: concept over content. Specifically, the first few words of your pitch should be something like, “This project is a (GENRE)….”. Sure, that sounds too good to be true, but it is possible. + Professional Sales Projections & Investor ROI 9. This ppt gives a brief about the various headings that should be added in to the presentation, while pitching the film to a potential investor. Meet Naomi, an expert when it comes to Film Investors! Those materials can include a variety of media such as trailers, short films, lookbooks, videos, images, text, financial projections and so on. Developing your pitch deck is only the start of your business planning journey. When done right, your pitch deck has the power to convince investors … (This teaching primarily features on U.S. based … Pitching to independent investors is a much different formula than we’re generally taught in Film Schools. The goal of a successful pitch is to have investors begging to invest in your company. Author / Writer / Producer Marc Zicree talks about the "Art of the Pitch," providing us the "Rule of 3. Prepare answers for the most common questions in advance such as, "How did you come up with this idea?" Your artistic side must be psyched by your creative vision, and your entrepreneurial side must be psyched by the business opportunity your film represents. Yes, film equity investors still do exist and can be found, but the competition is fierce. According to the panelists, you should certainly tweak your presentation to fit who you are pitching to—but do so within reason. 07.12.2019; 11:35:10 am; 1.2K Views; Favorite 0; 9 / 10 1 rating. Do prepare for likely questions. Here are some of the top questions that investors commonly asked before they submit any kind of funding for a film: Ask to hear a pitch: if you can get a picture or even a preview of a video this can give you the chance to see if it has the potential for a great return. 10. The real If you don’t personally know these investors or their representatives, then the … 2. How To Pitch Your Film Project To Prospective Investors Have you ever wondered how to pitch your film project to prospective investors? 3. Courses My Library. Independently. ... Film Finance - Raising Money For A Movie - A Film Courage Filmmaking Series - Duration: … You’ll want to follow-up on a successful investor pitch with the necessary planning documentation to support your presentation. Have a well-thought-out business plan on-hand to share, so investors can read more if they’d like to.