Pour into a glass rimmed with coarse sea salt and garnish with fresh lime slices. Typically, a blender is used to make a frozen margarita. Try making a shaken margarita served in a cocktail glass or pour it over ice (on the rocks). The options are honey, agave nectar or simple syrup. Left too long, your syrup can get moldy. Garnish with lime and blueberries, if desired. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Rich simple syrup means that you're using more sugar than water to create a richer syrup. … Grapefruit Jalapeño Margarita; Cherry Lemonade Margaritas… Mix ½ tablespoon with ¾ tablespoon boiling water, and stir until dissolved as a replacement for simple syrup. Then check out the details below for tips and tricks for making simple syrup and lime margaritas.Simple syrup is actually really easy to make (hence the name simple). NOTE: TheCookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon or other affiliate links. Use to sweeten any of your favorite … Because my friend is always the one bringing margaritas to the party, I thought I would get his recipe and make them for him. It is a 2:1 ratio and is sweeter and thicker. Simple Syrup for Frozen Margaritas Rate this recipe Your rating Rate this a 1: Couldn't eat it Rate this a 2: Didn't like it Rate this a 3: It was OK Rate this a 4: Liked it Rate this a 5: Loved it It’s just white granulated sugar and water boiled together and then cooled down and added to you drinks. To make a flavored simple syrup, add the sugar and water to a saucepan over medium heat, and cook, stirring, until the sugar is completely dissolved. To make simple syrup: In a small pot, add 1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons Truvía® or 1/4 cup sugar, 4 ounces water, and 10 slices peeled fresh ginger. Then, when all the sugar has dissolved, it will suddenly be clear. Stop wasting money buying this at the grocery store. Hungry for more? To say that she wears many hats is an understatement - there are many hats, and also many shirts, shoes, pants, and even the odd cape! These are not rocket science and you should feel free to customize them a bit to your liking. Yes! Every Monday of that month, pull it out for you know what. Whisk until powdered sweetener has completely dissolved. Category: Cocktails; Cuisine: Mexican; Keywords: blueberry margaritas, blueberry margarita recipe. Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links meaning that if you click on them and buy something we get a teensy commission, at no extra cost to you. Make it yourself instead! Honey has fewer calories than refined sugar, and contains a small amount of vitamins. Remove from heat and let cool. You can also make a simple syrup with equal parts (1:1) of sugar and water. Simple Homemade Margarita Recipe. Delicious, yes, but not the only way to make one. That being said, go make some simple syrup to have on hand right now! On to Margarita time! Prepare the keto simple syrup: In a small jar, add 1 cup warm water and 1/2 cup powdered monk fruit sweetener. If you try it and find out, do let us know. Margarita simple syrup is an easy to make, non-alcoholic, sweet ingredient that is added to your margarita. ★☆ Hi, I'm Adrienne. Stir in sugar; stir 20 seconds. Microwave 1 cup water in a microwave-safe 4-cup glass measuring cup at HIGH 1 minute and 30 seconds or until very hot. Let it cool and then pour it into a jar or other sealable container. Replies to my comments 2. Stored in the refrigerator,  simple syrup should last 1 month. To be honest, I usually like a good 2 ounces of tequila in my margaritas as it balances out the simple syrup, but I wrote the recipe with 1 1/2 ounces for an entry-level margarita. Mix blueberry simple syrup, tequila, margarita mix, triple sec and lime juice and pour in a glass over ice that has been rimmed with salt and sugar mixture. In a … Simple Syrup! Christine is the Senior Editor and Owner of The Cookful, COOKtheSTORY and IsThisThatFood. ★☆ But I’m confidant enough to admit that I like a drizzle of simple syrup in mine. The only ingredients are sugar and water, which is why it doesn’t taste like much. Simple syrup freezes just fine. Check out this article. Your email address will not be published. I went with burritos/burrito bowls and margaritas to keep it simple. Classic lime margaritas are definitely one of my favorite cocktails. Yes. Check out this video for the full cocktail instructions including the margarita simple syrup recipe.